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Strengthen your biblical worldview and the faith of your family as we host conversations about homeschooling for the real world, the latest Creation science research, and Christian apologetics.

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Science #ProBible

Your Homeschool Science Curriculum Should Create a Legacy of Faith

March 20, 2023

Your Science Curriculum Should Create a Legacy of Faith! This was just one of the themes of Master Books' #ProBible Science Summit in March 2023. This episode of the Master Books podcast offers a summary of the recent #ProBi…

Elementary Science

Teaching #ProBible Science to Homeschool Students Using Elementary Zoology

March 13, 2023

Carissa Clark joins the Master Books podcast to talk about her family's experience with our Elementary Zoology homeschool science curriculum. Carissa shares why she and her family use a #proBible curriculum and why the Maste…

Author Interviews Biblical Worldview

Dangerous Indoctrination of Public School Students Exposed in New Book: Conflicted

March 6, 2023

John Stamper, a former public-school educator, pulls back the curtain to reveal the indoctrination of Marxist, socialist, and even communist ideologies through mandatory teacher trainings. He joins the Master Books podcast t…

Guest: John Stamper
Master Books Academy

Popular Homeschool Online Learning Experiences at Master Books Academy with Summer King

March 1, 2023

Your child's biblical homeschool education can be more of an independent learning experience when you use MasterBooksAcademy.com. In this episode of the Master Books podcast, Summer King shares important details to guide hom…

Guest: Summer King
Author Interviews Biblical Worldview

Teaching Pro-Life Values to Children with Dr. Georgia Purdom and Stacia McKeever

Feb. 20, 2023

"We need to raise up another generation of pro-life people. People that are committed to speaking up for the unborn, speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves. And so we need to start early with teaching them thos…

Electives Master Books Academy

Developing a Heart of Worship with Online Guitar Lessons with Instructor, David Farley

Feb. 13, 2023

David Farley, guitar instructor at MasterBooksAcademy.com, joins the podcast to talk about both of his courses. In and , students learn hymns and worship songs as they learn to play the guitar. These courses are excellent f…

Guest: David Farley